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Real Estate Investing Strategies for Toronto Investors

Developing Your Generational Wealth by investing in Toronto Real Estate 2017: The Year of Uncertainty and Opportunity


The world has changed for real estate investors, again. The economy is shifting, markets are re balancing, commodities are needed but priced lowered than ever, and the real estate investment landscape is recalibrating. As you head into 2nd quarter of 2017 as an investor, it’s time to check your roadmap, and ensure your compass and course is set to your next financial destination.


It’s also time to ask yourself if you are prepared, equipped and clear on what happens next for yourself financially.


Ask yourself today:


  • What is Your ‘Wealth Intention?’ Do you believe you can live a life free of financial constraint and compromise? If not, why not?
  • Do you have a Personal Wealth Plan? This is an architecture that gives rise to wealth creation by design and not by default.
  • Are you living within an environment that is designed to realize financial worth?
  • Do you know what you want exactly for yourself and for your life financially, and by when?


The Toronto Real Estate Investing Fundamentals

We will explain you the fundamentals of investing in Toronto Real Estate in our current market conditions.

You will be taken through an 8 Step Proven Game Plan for buying investment properties.

If you: 1) need help buying your first home, 2) are interested in investing in Toronto Real Estate, but don’t know where to start, 3) need a refresher, or 4) need to re-engage and reignite your drive.



Why Real Estate is a Powerful Long-Term Wealth Creator: Discover why the world’s wealthiest people hold a significant portion of their personal wealth in Real Estate, and how you can too.



Analyze Your Real Estate Market: You’ll learn how to spot hidden trends that others miss and uncover insider information on what’s happening in your own back yard.



Building Your Dream Team: If you want to be successful as a real estate investor, significantly improve your odds of success, and increase the speed of your portfolio growth, you must build a team of experts to help you in your journey. Discover the key members you need to have on your team, plus the simple strategies to build long-term relationships with your key team members.



Financing Your Purchase: Learn the strategies that many of Canada’s most successful real estate investors use to build critical relationships with bankers and mortgage brokers so that they will say “yes” to you more often.



Analyzing the numbers: If you have ever considered buying investment real estate, you’ve probably wondered if you are getting a deal or a rip off. We will teach you, via a real life case study, how to effectively analyze all of the financial details.



Critical Property Diligence: It’s easy to miss a step when you’re doing your due diligence on a property. You will learn the basic questions and fundamentals you need to ask on all the properties you are looking to buy.



Proactive Property Management Tips: Proactive property management is essential to sustaining a real estate portfolio and a real estate investing business. We’ll provide you with the Top 5 Management Tips for successfully navigating today’s market realities.



Your Action Plan: At the end of our Real Estate workshop you will leave with renewed confidence in the current market conditions and a clear understanding of why real estate is a powerful long-term wealth creator. You will also be armed with the latest fundamentals of how to invest in real estate and a clear roadmap to get there.


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Who Should Attend?

  • Beginner Real Estate Investors who are looking to set the right context for themselves in the real estate market
  • Real Estate Investors who are well on their way but are looking to either restart their journey or reset it
  • Real Estate Investors who are mature or advanced and are considering what’s next


real estate investing in Toronto and GTA